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Originally Posted by pt447
LUV, saying allowing gay marraige "encourages" homosexuality implies that it is a decision to be made. no gay/lesbian person would choose to feel how they do. it is just a prty of who they are. and don't say it's not natural because there are plenty of examles of homosexuality in nature. there are chimps who just have sex with male chimps when females aren't in heat!!!

our only objection to gay marraige is the judao-christian oppression we've lived under for too long. if nobody ever said it was bad, we wouldn't care. religion only wants man/wife combinations to produce more good little religious clones!
It encourages it because once you bring LEGAL MARRIAGE into the picture, then the STATE has to CONDONE it. When the State condones gay marriage, it encourages it. I don't buy into the crap that every gay person was "born" gay. I can understand maybe most of them but I don't think all of them were. And just because animals in the wild can **** the same sex doesn't make it any better, in fact that just makes it sound worse. Wild animals are wild animals, they do a lot of sick disgusting shit, that doesn't mean it's okay for humans to do it too. What I have a problem with is them getting MARRIED. I know marriage is a religious thing, but it doesn't matter. It's more than just a religious thing when you actually do get married. In my opinion, and a lot of other people's opinion, allowing gays to marry takes away the sanctity and meaning of marriage. It doesn't matter if you're religious or not. When I hear about gays getting married, it just makes my marriage seem less significant. If gays want to get married to have the "benefits" of other married couples, that's their tough shit. The word "marriage" does not apply to homosexuals. Look, would you allow some freako wierdo to marry his cat because he "wants the benefits of a married couple" but he can't help it if he likes cats. He was born like that. He can't help it. We should create new laws to make his life easier because who are we to judge if he wants to marry another species and have sex with it every night? He should be allowed to marry whoever or whatever he wants, right? What about people who never find Mr. or Mrs. Right, but they want the benefits of being married too. Should we just let everyone marry whoever and whatever they want for any reason at all? No, because that would just totally ruin what marriage is supposed to be.

And you're wrong about the last thing you said I think. "If no one said it was bad, we wouldn't care". Why is it that every culture on earth since the dawn of time has always frowned upon homosexuality and called it immoral. It's a natural moral, it wasn't just something ONE guy thought of a long time ago. It would be like saying "if no one said murder was bad, we wouldn't care."

And it's not religion that wants man/wife's the NATURAL AND BIOLOGICAL ORDER OF LIFE. You can not procreate and further the species if you are not in a heterosexual relationship. That is a proven fact. So even if religion never existed, I'm pretty sure we as humans, know that in order to continue our species, we need to **** the opposite sex, because when you do the same sex, it just doesn't work now does it?

The point of sex is to reproduce. Sex feels good and it is fun. We all know that. But the #1 reason sex exists is to reproduce. Gays cannot reproduce. Therefore it is unnatural, and immoral.

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