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Originally Posted by hadoq View Post
People need to see past that and understand the point of TUF

the point of TUF is not to bring in new fighters, the point of TUF is to bring in new viewers.

they don't need it to bring in new fighters, they already have bought basically all the promotions out there for that.

It makes perfect sense, if you're targeting a mainstream audience to cast this more like a real TV show than for a fighting contract.

The guy who'll win this will eventually be good enough to hang with the "pros" in a few fights, but they don't really get a free pass.

In the end, they'll take the best guys they can and let natural selection work in the octagon.

TUF = a commercial

and everybody knows that in commercial, they don't really show anything at all of the real thing, they just make it so you want to buy it.

UFC wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Zuffa communication, and TUF is a big part of it. and because of this, there can actually be fighters who make a living out of it, because tons of people actually pay to see them fight.

I see it as an acceptable and enjoyable compromise, if it brings in new fans, I see it as a positive thing, specially if that leads to a wider acceptance of the sport.
Very good points made. Repped
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