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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
The solution is sat right in front of them, use the TUF system. Non-Title fights are 2 rounds, if they draw then a decision must be made from the 3rd round. Title fights same, 4 rounds, if a draw then go to fifth.

This inspires aggression and takes away judging inconsistencies. If it goes to the final round, fighters will be thinking 'shit I might be down on the cards' and they will try for the finish. And with the judges, if the fight rounds are of even numbers (2 and 4) instead of uneven numbers (3 and 5), they won't get away with bad decisions so easily, because if it's pretty close, they know everyone will be wanting the deciding round. If it doesn't go to deciding round, the points winner should be quite clear - less rounds to score = less complications, points winner will be obvious.
That is an EXCELLENT idea. Fights would be more fast paced and everything. Thnak you.
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