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NO NO NO NO on a Royce vs Sakuraba...... we saw that last in 2007 on the K-1 Dynamite!! USA show (same show as Brocks first MMA fight) was 3 boring rounds where Royce took the decision and neither guy looked good.... Royce ended up testing positive for PED's afterwards too. But yeah ive read that Royce wants this fight in Rio, and then that will be his retirement fight. As for who i think he should fight? hmmm is Pele still fighting in Brazil? Old Timer vs Old Timer, would be a huge draw in Brazil, and if they could show any of the old Vale Tudo footage could give newcommers some insight into the old dark ages. just a thought, but thats if Pele is still fighting and in any kind of shape.... Otherwise id say some up'n'comming BJJ guy, let him either see how well hed do against the old dog or see if theres still some fight left in Royce. But no i dont wanna see Saku.... their last fight was pretty bad and Saku hasnt really looked that great his last few fights..... sorry.

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