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Originally Posted by drey2k View Post
They do it in K1 I don't see why not MMA.
Indivdual fights and their results do not carry as much significance in K1 as they do in UFC/MMA, thats why they can put on tournaments where fighters have to win 3 times in a single night to take the championship.

Fights lose frequently through out their K1 career and just roll on to the next fight with no major fall out, where as a loss in UFC is a major occurance and 2 in a row people begin to talk about whether or not you should be cut.

I'm not saying the over time idea is a bad one, just that K1 and UFC are quite overtly different in respect of the value of your win/loss record so just because the ruling is applied to K1 does not automatically mean it would be a good idea for the UFC (although I would personally rather see and extra round than a draw)
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