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Originally Posted by Calibretto9 View Post
Cool video. Made me smile. Fun to see them going at it but man, you'd think Soares would have picked up more jiu jitsu by now. Oh well.
Personally I thought he did quite well for a manager/interpretor. You could certianly tell that he didn't have a lot of wrestling experience and didn't have that sense of where Aldo's limbs were without seeing them; i.e.; not knowing when to close off the thighs to deny the hooks and such as that...but he knew he wanted to go 2-on-1 wrist control if he could...and he could feel that he wanted to turn into Aldo's guard once Aldo had taken his back and pulled him over.

man... I'd asbolutely love to roll with some guys like that!! althought I'd suggest taking off the watches. LOL It must have been really impromptu. Also impressive...he wasn't completely and utterly winded after rolling for ~3 mins... which is what I would have expected.

WAR Soares!!

"He's just a regular guy, just another guy, we both weigh the same......but he finds a way to win, and I admire it." - Chael Sonnen 07/07/12
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