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Heath Herring and Chuck are still on the site. Before they changed the graphics on the site I remember Art "one glove" Jimmerson being on the site. I remember Shamrock, Severn on the roster like just a year or 2 ago.

I'm pretty sure it means nothing. Although I have heard the rumors of Rio and Royce. But mark me down for one that doesn't care to see him fight. This is a growing sport legitimizing itself. There is no need to bring a guy back that can beat no one in the division just for sentamental value. That is the kind of stuff the WWE does with old timers.

Sure, have him be at the event, maybe even the face of the event. But to have him compete? Most likely on the main card? That is just ridiculous. He had his swan song 5 years ago vs. Hughes and that was terrible. Why do it again 5 years later? Fans would eat it up. But, do people want to see Randy or Chuck come back in 5 years for a swan song fight? No. People got sick of Ken Shamrock's fights for the last decade. Enough is enough...

If he was say a couple years removed from fighting, then yea maybe. But his real career eneded over a decade ago. He has had his few terrible retirement fights already. This really would be embarrassing and I don't see a need for this. Royce represents BJJ and a founding father of the sport. Doesn't mean he has to compete.

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