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I would imagine that "strength over time" is meant as endurance or how well you can maintain what strength you have over the course of the fight. For example, it's great if you can bench press 600lbs and you use that surge of strength to throw a guy across the ring/cage, but if you can only use that kind of strength once and then you're totally zapped of all strength/energy, what did it really matter?

There's nothing outright wrong about doing 100 push ups, crunches, and squats every day. But there's two things to consider.
1) If you're sore the next day and you do your 100/100/100 anyway, you're on your way to "overtraining". If you're sufficiently working out your muscles, they need rest and recovery so that they can repair. You have to realize that your actual muscle growth comes not while strength training, but during the nights and days after the strength training session. The actual growth comes from proper rest. I'm not saying you're overtraining now, only you can really judge that because only you know your body. But if you're constantly sore and still trying to strength train, I'd definitely be weary of overtraining.
2) You're training your endurance, but not your maximal strength. Endurance is great and very important for martial arts training - it's downright vital. But maximal strength is what makes you move and hit faster and harder (especially when coupled with plyometrics). There's nothing wrong with continuing on the way you are, because having wicked muscular endurance can be great and very, very useful. Just realize that if you're trying to get actually "stronger", you probably will not see many real gains in that way.

Those two things being said, if you're getting the results you want to see from the strength and conditioning stuff you're doing, then there's nothing wrong with it.

Your abdominals are a regular muscle like any other muscle in your body, and as such, can be overtrained like any other muscle. It's almost impossible to overtrain your abs with just crunches though, so don't sweat it. I don't know the technical reasoning, just experiences, personal and otherwise.

Long story short, your routine is basically fine. No glaring errors or issues.
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