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There are two schools of thought on counter-wrestling:

1. Rooting. The applied concept here is that by being flat footed and lower the center of gravity you make yourself an immovable object. This has in certain cases worked. Look at Lesnar vs Couture or Carwin. In this case however brute strength plays a big part in this kind of sprawl tactic.

2. Movement. The applied concept in this case is that by constantly staying on the balls of the feet, all explosive movement is quicker. Look at Lyoto Machida, or GSP as examples. This kind of sprawl is all technical and doesn' require nearly as much strength as the rooted sprawl.

I personally believe in the movement strategy, because by staying on the balls of the feet you add to your repetouire of offensive and defensive options. It makes staying outside of his range easier and moving out of his range quicker. It also makes moving into his range faster, giving you the edge when on the attack.

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