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Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
I am sticking with what I originally said. I don't know how he rubbed off so bad on everyone but I thought his fight was smart and if he wins a contract by LnP I won't care one bit. Yes I watch the show for entertainment but I understand why he would do what he does to ensure genus injury free for his next fight. They fight an entire tournament in 6 weeks and imagine if you broke your nose in your first fight ad won... Good luck getting punched in your broken nose a week or two later...

Everytime Jon Fitch wins by LnP, he says: sorry fans, I didn't give you the exciting fight you wanted. But, next time, I'll put it all together and you'll see a new Jon Fitch. Its taken me years to get in my comfort zone and guarantee I won't have to LnP, next time.

Shamar is 100x worse and more brainless than Jon Fitch. He wins an unimpressive decision on an unexciting fight that doesn't impress anyone and it immediately goes to his head. He thinks he's on top of the world and starts talking trash about Brock for no reason and talk about how hes so happy he isn't on Brock's team.

Doesn't he seem like he has a chip on his shoulder? Did Brock steal from him at some point in time? What's his problem?

Maybe, its the roid's talking..

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