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Originally Posted by North View Post
Depending upon what's wrong with the wrist, it might help to ease into some light grip exercises. Especially ones that recruit some mobility in the wrist like wrist curls or reverse wrist curls. That'll help get some blood flowing to it and maybe stretch it out. Might ease the pain and/or help with recovery. (Not a doctor or anything, so carry on at your own risk.)

What's the purpose of the calf raises you do? Anything in particular or just an extra movement you threw in?
Call me crazy but I am under the impression that when you go to throw the Thai Roundhouse you are doing a rotating calf-raise.

I figure if I am stretching the calf with the high-count set and increasing the power in the calf it could lead to a slightly more powerful kick.

I am happy that you made a reply here North, I see so many views but very little conjecture. Thank you for the advice on the wrist.

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