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Cardio Session

Went for a cardio-session tonight.
To make the cardio work we did even worse I went on a 6-mile run about 6 hours prior to the gym.

We met up at the gym and ran 4-6 blocks to the track, where we warmed up by running 4 miles, light jog, increased pace, light jog, increased pace.

We wore our wrap and boxing gloves during the run.
After warming up we worked on 3 cycles of 5 3-minute rounds:
jumps left/right & back/forth, punch-mit, vertical knee rise jumps, medicine ball work (side to side throws), and quad hits to the chest.
After we went through those cycles 3 times we ran for another 2 miles, then it was back to the gym for focus pad drills.
We worked on 3 minute rounds for 12 rounds. I was destroyed by the time we got to round 9.

I heard the instructor saying that they've got a cd for punch-drills that I"ll look into picking up so, I can do several punch-drills daily.

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