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Originally Posted by CashKola
I understand you mean good with that idea, but I completely disagree. There is no reason you should have to have a certain number of reps or be so active to enjoy the anything on this forum. A person should be able to never post if they do want to, and still watch all the videos; if they are not posting how are they disrupting anything?

I just think the mods need to get a little stricter. If someone just illogically bashes people then they should be given one waring, after that temporally ban them, its that simple.

And ozz525, I know you only want to keep people like Kirkardo out of here, but your post in that thread is not the way to go. All it does is add fuel to the fire, for some weird reason those type of guys like to get in arguments over the internet. Just back up your thoughts with logical reasoning or simply ignore them.

And thanks WL2FU, I never noticed the report thing. I'll start to use that for guys like Kirkardo.

Edit: There is also no reason to group all 07 members as jackasses, the only reason the jackasses are 07ers is because if they were here longer then they would have been banned by now.
Yea it would not be fair to remove everybody for inactivity after just a month.Now I know there are people who made accounts before I joined and basicly have never logged back in. And as for people who do not post alot.. Well there was a point I was the Number 1 poster on this forum. Then life happened and I can only get on here once or twice a week So I just ignore the stupid posts when I can and post on topics that interest me and offer advice when I can.

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