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No Gi -

Technique was more butterfly guard passes. A step over one and a trap -> backstep one. Off of the backstep one, we transitioned to a cradle, a wrestling move hooking around their head cupping at the jaw with one hand and around the knee of their top leg with the other, you then bring them in together to trap them in a very uncomfortable position. From here we stepped around the trapped leg with our legs one at a time, then left one knee behind the tapped leg while the other moved behind their but, squeezing your knees together traps them well for gnp, an arm triangle or a kneebar.

Was suppossed to meet with training partner for padwork but he seems to be asleep still so probably not happenning.

Got these burns on my arm from work that keep getting grinded off in class. Annoying. Groin was feeling better but is a bit tender after muay thai class yesterday.

Gym closes an hour earlier on weekends now, 5 on sat, 4 on sun. Makes getting to the gym after work a bit tight. I'll do burpees, shadowboxing, bagwork tomorrow to finish off the week.
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