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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
Agree on most of that.

The problem is that Diaz is similar to Masvidal but better in every regard...

Fighters that can keep their self outside of Daleys power range have a decent chance of at least surviving. That is all Diaz has to do until Daley makes a mistake and gives Diaz the takedown and submission.

If Daley had good takedown defense or the slightest ground game I would pick him in this fight easily. Sadly he is one dimensional and his opponent has a good ground game(although mediocre takedowns).

Diaz has only been knocked out once in 32 fights. He knows how to survive. I hope Daley knocks him the f out but I don't know that it will happen.
And thats just not true at all.

I can't make you believe this probably, nobody will probably.. but Diaz is just and awful, awful Wrestler and he just can't take people down. Also, if he somehow gets one Takedown wich would be very lucky cause Daley is just immense strong and athletic plus has very underrated TDD.. then what makes you people think he could just submit a purble belt just liket that?

Diaz couldn't do Nothing after laying on top of KJ Noons who doesn't even have a purple belt in BJJ. The thought that Diaz takes him down and submits him right away is completely delusional.

Even if Diaz gets the Takedown somehow.. Daley will be right back up. Cause Diaz can't Wrestle and has zero top control.

Daley is not one-dimensional at all with decent Wrestling and decent BJJ and amazing standup skills. Not much more one-dimensional then Nick is.
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