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Originally Posted by Halfraq9 View Post
Here is what I saw in terms of needed improvement..
- Keep your right hand up, even on hooks. You leave yourself open alot.
- When you knee, keep your knee above your foot

In short, not bad but you need to work on technique and tighten it up a little.
Thanks. Didnt notice i was leaving myself open as much as i was. I will apply that to all my knees also.

Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
Honestly some of the most developed stuff I've seen in videos since Pheelgood and Kin.

The movement is very solid and quick, my only issues with footwork are that you were only moving in one direction. That can eventually be picked up on and countered. Also depending on the opponent's stance, only moving one direction can move you into his power.

When it comes to the kicks, I think more variety is something to work on. Add in some leg kicks and push kicks, that speed of movement can put you in a situation where you land a kick, and are already moving before your opponent's counter can land.

Was that a heel kick or a side kick chained off the roundhouse in the first video? Either way, try to plant a bit more on the roundhouse if you're going to chain it, its a big test of balance to perform one of those with any power.

When it comes to planting on your whole foot when you throw a kick. There's nothing wrong with that, it all depends on what your strategy is for sprawling and countering. If your plan is to root, and to move inside to evade the counter, a flat-footed kick is better. However if you want to evade the takedown, and slip outside to defend the counter, standing up on the ball of your foot is better.

Head movement was something that I think was missing too. Its hard to work evasive head movement without someone throwing fists at your head, but just general head movement, side to side at the waist and shoulders makes your face a much harder target to track.
Yeh, i actually do normally throw more leg kicks but my bag is about 2 1/2 feet off the ground so when i go for the leg kick im hitting near the bottom where it is very hard. Dont get me wrong, during warm ups i do 20 of each kick/punch from both left and right sides, i just dont do it much on this bag because it isnt a tall bag.

The heel kick is something ive been messing around with recently and i actually dont have much of a problem staying balanced when i chain it. I dont think its that powerful but mixing it up and being unorthodox is something that is becoming more and more important in mma nowadays so thats why i have been doing it.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, i really appreciate it.
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