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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
Kneebars are bad manners?

Nothing like gym drama to make adult men act like high school girls.
Kneebars are illegal below brown belt level in the gi.

Totally. Sucks because I've liked training under both parties.

Muay Thai

Warmup, then round kicks on the shield, then doubling up, then opposite leg. I started on these going pretty hard and geting into it, then the round went on and on. Didn't realize it was going to be 10-15 mins of straight kicks. Then we did push kicks, then push kicks to round kicks. Finished with a drill, partner holding one leg then hopping on the ball of your foot while they lead you around for a few mins. Then assisted stretching.

Then sparring. 5x3 min rounds. Did decent against the first guy for 3 rounds, then got a really good and aggressive little guy that got inside on me and got the better of me. Last round I wasn't looking great but did alright against another guy. Same old holes in the standup - no suprises there. I know exactly what needs work and need to visualize and repeat the same 5 or so lacking aspects in my mind.

Lots of shit hurting from sparring, the body breakdown has begun.

Practice water cut starts with water reduction tomorrow.

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