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Alcohol is like truth serum, for most people at least. Usually remarks that come from a person's mouth after they've been intoxicated are more often than not the truth. Then they use the excuse 'well I was drunk' to try and validate their crude comments. Drunk or not, it was said... and more than likely it was his true feelings on the subject.
Me, personally I do not care. He's a good actor and I like most of his movies. However he is human and we are ALL bound to make mistakes and say things we wish we hadn't, it's only natural. How many other people, 100's if not 1000's, were pulled over that same night for a DUI or the like? I bet they were rude and obnoxious too, naturally, but oh no Mel Gibson has a few drinks and gets rude and it's national news? Come on people, get a life!

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