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I was back on the mat today after about a week off, due to personal conflicts. I really hate taking time off from jiu-jitsu, because I feel like it's a great stress reliever and because I love the energy boost I often feel the morning after I've had a great workout.

Anyway, I was back on the mat today, drilling some basic stuff from the bottom of turtle (where I've found myself a lot lately) and I was escaping fairly effectively. I am still struggling, to some degree, with breaking the grip, but I have worked out some tricks that help a lot, in terms of breaking the hands apart.

Rolling was great. I started off rolling with the son of one of the instructors. He's a great kid, very athletic and aggressive and bouncy. He kept ending up in armbars. He likes to extend his arms a little too much, and it's one of those moves that I really like to exploit. He learned a little bit, and I did too.

One of the good things about working with younger people (he's 15) is that they tend to come up with some interesting stuff. They also tend to really go after the moves that they want. The techniques he attempted weren't all great, but a lot of them were good for me to practice defending, as he was strongly committing to them.

Hopefully I'll be more active in here again, though I won't be around the gym next week. I will say that my forearms were really worked hard in the workout yesterday. It's a great feeling, and hopefully I'll get that little residual sore feeling in the morning.

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