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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I got it last night!!!

Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
So I made it to 85 with my paladin and am not sure what else to do. Some of the stuff I need to make epic items is either nearly impossible to find or insanely expensive in the AH.

Thought about playing with another character but if all of them get abandoned at 85 I don't really see the point.

Basically I'm frustrated at my inability to improve my character and lacking motivation. Hell, there's not much point in even questing anymore
I love playing my 85 much more than leveling. You have to do 85 dungeons now to get better gear. Once you reach a certain average item level, then you qualify for Heroic dungeons where you get even better gear. Then once you have that down, you can raid.

You can also by 359 ilvl gear from vendors from hyjal or TheRazane once you get exalted with them. It's easy to do that though, all you do is wear their tabard while you are in 85 dungeons.
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