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Hey Guys, since Tuesday I have been dead-silent.

Tuesday I had a lovely day...first my engine wouldn't roll over there was no sound, so I borrowed mom's car to get to the gym for a cardio session.

I had a friend from work come with me about 40-45 minutes early to warm up with me for the class we jogged at a 12-minute mile pace for 2 miles on a track. After the I walked him through a stretching routine.

Tim my partner for the night had no idea how to stretch or anything so I'm teaching him all I know to make me better.

After our stretching I ran him through a light conditioning program to see how he could hold up:

we did 3 sets of 10's (standing situps,crunches and side bends and burpees).

After the light conditioning I showed him how to do an armbar from the butterfly guard. I had some difficulty demonstrating the technique on him due to his ungodly long legs.
This brings a good topic up for quizzing my coach when I see him next for a technique night: "how do you pass the opponent's butterfly guard when their legs are vastly longer than yours, and how to do it just as rapidly as doing it on an opponent who doesn't have 4-7 inches of height on you"
After this we went to the gym and found out the session was going to take place at the instructor's home, knowing me I didn't have my gps unit...I didn't think to snag it before I hopped in mom's car so there was no way to the instructor's home.

Wednesday - day of rest

Today : I have been anticipating the arrival of my utility weight bench for a few weeks now. I finally had time off when my co-worker who was selling the bench today. It took me nearly 4 hours to clear out the room I am going to use as my weight-lifting room.

I got a Weider bench w/ leg attachement, preacher rest (padded), and a lat pull down. I believe about 100-pounds of free weights came with the package I bought along with 3 single handed curl bars and what I think is a french curl bar...(there's a rectangle of circular steel and two hand posts on the inside of it). The friend also tossed in some gold's gym weight lifting gloves that have a nice amount of wrist wrap, all told it was $50.
The friend who helped me with the bench has agreed to help me load a Weider 9400 double-seated all-in-one lifting machine sometime next week. I am getting this toy free of charge from my asst. manager in the department I work in.

The machine has two stations of course... a short stack of 200-pounds and a tall of 400.
My instructor told me about a deal he wants to give me on a Smith Machine along with 300 pounds of free weights. He'll give it for $100, all I have to do is find a way to get my dad's truck for a night and load it up.

I may be able to take care of installing that machine a week after next.

I love how things are falling into place, I have never enjoyed lifting in a gym-setting because I am a person who does things very erratically and on "My Time". So having the ability to install a home-gym is very beneficial for me seeing as how it has been a $150 investment!
I went to the gym and no-one was present so I had some dinner from a grocery store, a small fresh baked loaf of bread and some summer sausage.

I played around with a small exercise after getting home:
3x 10 one-hundred pound lat pull downs.
3x 6 0ne-hundred pound bench press.
I may have the opportunity for a cardio session on saturday, but I'm not sure yet.

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