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No dudes! 2010 is, what I always say, UFC's Mario 3 in comparison to 2009, which is UFC's Mario 2.

For stand up, just use R1 and flick the left stick to bob and weave. That add's soooo much dimension to the stand up game. In addition, if you do any attack, whether it's a punch or running punch, if you hit R1 immediately after, or before the attack is completed, you do a feint. That also adds a loooot of dimension to the stand up.

For clinching, it's just like the ground game now. For the single collar tie, you can also flick the right stick up or down like catching a strike, and it does just that. You can also do that when you're being pushed up against the fence and the opponent has a single collar tie or MT clinch.

As for the ground game. Well, I think we're all knowledgable in it, so I won't be disrespecting your intellects.

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