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I would of said EA MMA, but recently I'm getting more and more annoyed with it and I have no idea why I keep playing it.

The only problems I have are with the online.

1. XP system is messed up - why do I keep getting XP for losing, makes no sense as I'm rubbish and it just ends up putting my rank up when I'm not ready for it. Another problem with XP is when I beat a guy that is a much higher rank than me I still get the same amount of XP which sucks

2. Ground game - OK I'm rubbish on the ground but I still think it needs sorting out, once I get taken down it is IMPOSSIBLE to get back up, it's so easy on top to just block getting up attempts and spam body shots so you have no stamina

3. Matchmaking is unfair - Why do I keep getting put against people that are 2000-300, when I'm like 30-50. I just get destroyed EVERY time, then again even if it was fixed, I'd still get put against people that I can't beat because my rank goes up whenever I lose..

Rant over
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