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Originally Posted by Davisty69 View Post
Trump has about as much a chance of getting elected as my left nut. Not only does he say inappropriate comments all the time, he also continues to talk about all that birth certificate crap that the crazies won't let die. Nothing makes you look insane more than bringing up old conspiracy theories that the majority agrees is crazy.
I take Obama at his word on being a citizen, but it is all Obama's fault on the birther situation for not just squashing the subject altogether by providing the requested documents. I have both a birth certificate as well as a certificate of live birth in my safe at home. Only one of those proves I'm a citizen and that is a birth certificate. Obama has not provided his.

As for Donald Trump, he's might be inflammatory but at least he's not afraid to talk in a way that is not all controlled and reserved from being in politics your whole life. And at least he can prove how to earn a dollar and make payroll payments. Obama hasn't even managed a gas station. I'll listen to Trump's ideas for fixing the economy any day over what we've been doing the last 3 years.

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