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Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
Here I was thinking it was a new show, could have sworn they said it was a series premiere, my bad.

I too would like to know the peak ratings for when the fights are on. Kimbo vs Nelson was an insane draw but I haven't heard them give us numbers for just the fights alone since.

Ari that's a good theory, never thought about that. I was wondering why they wouldn't try to counter TUF by airing Tough Enough at the same time. But I guess it's because McMahon is trying to co-exist rather than compete.
They did call it a series premier... but it was more like a remake of a 20 year old movie where they just use the single name as a title rather than deem it a sequel.

But I believe Tough Enough actually ran for at least two seasons, maybe three in the early 2000s.

I was watching Wrestling pretty regularly back then and Josh Mathews who is currently a WWE commentator was actually in the final three men of the first season. The guy who one, and the girl who one, as well as the other man finalist are all long since gone.
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