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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
I am not shocked by this at all.. even though I have never seen this tough enough show in my life.

The first episode of the new TUF was soo bad, that I stopped watching this season. I have seen it already a dozen times.. Spike needs to get some new brains in there cause this show doesn't sell anymore.

People who know how to make TV for example.

Just for example, this "show" needs a new enviorment!

Go out in the nature with these guys!

And stop casting American can's would be a good start!

They need to go World Wide otherwise this show will die out..
I lost interest when Jury went out, I thought he would out-class everyone on the show and was a decent prospect. I'm a big fan of Junior and Brock so I'm still watching it.

What they need to do is get actual prospects on there, Jon Jones, Rory MacDonald, Charles Oliveria, those kind of guys, that's what TUF is all about.

The last good season was the Heavyweight one, it got a lot of flack due to bad fights but it produced some alright guys, Nelson, Schaub, Madsen, Mitrione are all in the UFC now.
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