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Forrest vs. Machida would look like Anderson vs. Forrest!

There is no way in hell Forrest could take Lyoto down. He would have to strike with one of the best in the business which is sad news.

Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Don't like Machida/Forrest at all. While Randy's strengths match up well to negate Machida's the fact is Machida's strengths really work the same way towards Forrest's.
In your World maybe, yes^^

Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Not if Machida thinks he can run like a girl for 2 rounds and take the 3rd to win the fight.

And I don't understand why people act like taking a fight on short time is that much of a disadvantage. Only way it is, is if the guy is out of shape.

According to the very skeptical rumor Forrest is in shape. He just had a fight a couple of months ago. Forrest has crazy cardio. If he is in shape Lyoto would be at the disadvantage because at least Forrest has been helping Randy gameplan and train for Machida. He would be more ready for Machida than Machida would be of him.

Unless a guy take a fight out of shape it doesn't matter. Both guys get the same time to train and gameplan for eachother. And I would assume Forrest is still in great shape.

That said, I don't see what Forrest offers in a fight with Machida. He doesn't do well with quick fighters. He doesn't have amazing wrestling. I guess I could see him winning the fight on the cards by being more aggressive.

I highly doubt this is true, at least on the Forrest part. Did he not injury his foot last time out? I thought he was out until summer.
If you fight a guy like MAchida it does!

Otherwise you just sign your defeat paper right away..
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