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Originally Posted by TheJame View Post
There's really no point in debating with you about this fight, is there? Looks like you've got your mind made up and no one but you is right?

Forrest would be an ideal replacement IMO. He's a regular training partner of Couture, is always in shape and has a massive gas tank. I probably wouldn't pick him to win but Forrest would certainly present challenges to Machida (size advantage, top control) and could probably beat him if he was game.
When I talk about Lyoto, you better just believe the words I am saying. I carry just to much knowledge about this subject, so you better don't question them.

Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Ever wonder why Griffin always gets thrown to the wolves.

If Machida attacks it'll be over by the 1st. If he sits and waits then it'll probably a late TKO or simply a UD victory. That would ultimately suck if Griffin lost cuz he's going to get blitzed by Shogun the second time around.
Lyoto is just a horrible matchup for Forrest!

Originally Posted by Abrissbirne View Post
I honestly dont see Machida winning either fight. Coutoure is a horrible matchup for him, against Forrest, we will see what happens, but he is big and can take a punch. Not sure if he will be to take him down, but it will definately not end like the Silva fight.
This is just idioty mate. Don't believe everthing you read on here.

The truth is, it's the other way around!

Now if Lyoto wouldn't possess this incredible Sumo background and outstanding TDD and clinch game, then I would agree with you. But because it's not like that, it's the other way around!

Cause those aspects need to be weak in order to justify what you are saying.

Also, Forrest would have to strike with a much more superior striker cause Lyoto is not a moving target for a guy like Forrest who got ragdolled by Tito Ortiz who Lyoto shut down completely.
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