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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Exactly. And I mean that literally, it literally is beyond stupidity.

I'm getting sick and tired of this ridiculous sense of optimism from MMA fans, that they won't even dare think their beloved sport has any fixed fights. Like it is just impossible and even at the absolute worst, we should just write it off as incompetence.

Horseshit. Absolute horseshit.

All the excuses in the world can't make up for the fact that my grandmother, literally, my grandmother would've scored the 2nd round for Galvao, despite knowing nothing of the sport and not liking fighting in general.

It's as if we have some off idea that literally every person in the world that watched that fight can judge it properly except the three guys that are licensed to do so. As if we have some idea that the "incompetent" judges are the least qualified guys on the planet and have never watched the sport or know nothing of it when they are filling out these cards.

As if in Penn-Edgar I, Douglas Crosby a mainstay of the NJSAC for YEARS, suddenly became "incompetent" with his 50-45 scorecard that just so happened to be in favour of a New Jersey native.

Yes, incompetence.

Give me a ****ing break.

The fix was in, and it makes me quite sick.
When i say corruption i mean, judges being involved in gambling.

It's easy to imagine judges (or someone close to them) having placed a lot of money on a certain fighter to win a certain fight.

And if the fight doesn't go the way it *needs* to, they can always *adjust* the end result, by scoring the fight the way they want to.

Like this one: the odds for Warren were low, but it was considered a safe bet = easy money.
The fight didn't go the way some not make some adjustments so the end result is *the right one*?!

Absoulute disgust!



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