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Honestly, Bobby, you know your MMA, but when it comes to Machida, all your rhyme and reason is completely thrown out of the window, and you overplay your cards about 40 times per Machida thread.

There isn't any point in debating with you, because in your eyes, Machida is some kind of infallible super warrior of the apocalypse, that is a 'terrible match-up' for just about every fighter under the sun. Apparently, no other differing opinion is valid, no one else has any good points to make, and everyone has to 'go and watch tapes' or ' listen to what I'm saying because I am the grandmaster of all MMA knowledge'

Contrary to what you may think, using over the top adjectives such as 'outstanding', 'incredible' etc to describe every facet of Machida's game, isn't going to make people change their opinion, or believe you more just because you post the same stuff like a broken record. Conversely, people are more likely to ignore you, if you come across like an infatuated 11 year old girl with a perverse obsession of Machida, and a shrine room dedicated to him with hundreds of Lyoto photos over the wall, love notes scribbled in lipstick, and a vial of his piss worn around your neck.

I actually cringe when I read most of your Machida posts, so dismissive are you of anybody else's opinion.

As it happens, I think Machida would and will beat both Couture and Griffin. I expect Lyoto to be far too quick for Randy and KO/TKO him in the first or second round. If the clinch occurs, then it will certainly be interesting to see what happens, however.

The Griffin match wouldnt be like Silva/Griffin, it would probably be very keenly contested and a bit of a war, but I'm very confident Lyoto would prevail and be victorious !

War Lyoto !

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