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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
2 questions:

who is winter?
LOL, in the 'world' A Game of Thrones is set, seasons last for years, not months. At the start of the show their Summer is coming to a close. And with Winter, always comes war, famine, death, ****, treachery, and other awesome stuff.

The deaths start off slow, but believe me, the author is absolutely merciless. Just wait for people to realise who's behind what, and when the Direwolves are fully grown. Garaunteed there will be some BRUTAL death seasons that will rival Spartacus.

The only thing that's weird is Daenerys in the books is 13. The one getting married to, and then pounded from behind by, that giant Dothraki 'Khal Drogo'. I'm damn glad they gave the part to an of age actress, or it would of made very illegal watching haha.

Nice place to end the first episode, Bran being thrown by Jaimie Lannister after Bran discovered he was sexing it up with the Queen (his twin sister)

So far, the show is staying very true to the books.

Inter - Dexter is based on a book series as well. Same as A Game of Thrones. I've read both. Game of Thrones has more potential than ANY tv series I've ever watched. I'm not exaggerating. If done well (and it seems it is) it'll blow Dexter out of the water. All a matter of opinion of course, and they are both completely different.

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