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If you are thinking about or planning on competing in the Challenge Grappling tournament then make sure you register RIGHT AWAY!

There is still over 1 month away before the tournament is we currently have 60% of our capacity filled. This is very unlikely for a tournament which means registration is filling up very fast.

Make sure you let you teammates and students know as well. I can almost guaranteed that registration WILL CLOSE EARLY. This is a pre-registration only event and NO REGISTRATIONS ALLOWED THE DAY OF.

go to

for more details and to register. Only $25 plus bonuses and other good stuff!

Testimonials from Last Comp Below:

"I just wanted to say the competition you held was extremely well done. As a beginner who has never competed before, I felt very comfortable with not only signing up but also competing. The competition was a great one to start with, but I also watched a teammate compete who was experienced and competed in the advanced division and I could tell he liked the whole competition. The best part of the competition was the schedule! Probably the most important
aspect of the entire competition and you nailed it! I knew exactly when I had to warm up and when I had to compete. The atmosphere was also excellent but that was most likely due to how comfortable everyone was because of the way it was run. The competition was a great experience for novices all the way through to experts. Thanks for the great work!"

-Brian Griffin

"I've been to other grappling tournaments in the past and while competitive grappling is a huge part of my life, these tournaments are filled with more lowllights than highlights. Scrambling to create brackets, lack of adequate communication, significant time delays (even while many mats are still open), are all things I've encountered at other tournaments. At the Challenge, there was none of that.
Brackets were all posted when we arrived, competitors merely had to check in and weigh in. All divisions started on time, the mats were always busy working. There was a huge warm-up area, the atmosphere was awesome, there was ample viewing area to watch the matches. The rules meeting in the morning was very comprehensive and intimate enough to answer all questions and the judges were spot on. I plan to compete in every Challenge Grappling Tournament. Great job Jason and the Challenge staff"

-Russ Sommers

As a competitor who has participated in NAGA, Grappler's Quest, and the Renzo Gracie Invitational tournaments, the Grappler's Challenge was a amazing event. The Grappler's Challenge had very friendly staff, great ring space (unlike most other tournaments) and a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. The price is unbeatable, and it is a great way to see where you are in the tournament sphere if you have been absent for an extended period of time, or if you are just starting off! Another great thing about this tournament is that it ran completely on time, and all the competitors had amble time to warm-up before their matches, and knew how long they had to wait in between their matches, unlike most tournaments when it could be an hour before your 2nd match!

Thanks again!
-Dan Arthur

I have a couple of years grappling experience. I would def compete again, and come more prepared next time. I feel you learn from losses so it was an extremely valuable experience none the less. Thank you Jason I will see you soon

-Jon Burns

My name is Dan Hayes and I train at The Grappler's Guide Academy. I have been training for about 4 months and The Challenge was my first competition experience. The Challenge provided a great competition and a great environment. I look forward to competing in more tournaments now that I have taken The Challenege.

-Dan Hayes

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