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Originally Posted by Trix View Post
Lesnar's a good coach.

His team is still suffering from the backlash of Lesnar's WWE days. Lesnar's team resents their coach being a "guy from WWE" and doesn't give Lesnar the respect or credit he deserves.

That's why they're losing.

Even if Lesnar gives them good advice or training they won't listen or take it seriously because he's just "some fool from WWE who doesn't know what he's talking about".

I think the people on Lesnar's team who do respect and like him will do well. Chris Cope seems to be one of the few guys who likes and respects Brock and he won his fight.

Len Bentley -- Brock told him from the beginning not to let the things about Chris Cope being a "double agent" get in his head. Len Bentley didn't listen to Brock and let the drama get to him. End result -- he lost his fight.

Charlie Rader. Brock told him to get off the fence. Charlie didn't want to listen. Ok, Brock switches to plan B -- stay inside and throw punches, elbows + whatever. Charlie doesn't want to listen. He does the complete opposite of what Brock tells him. Charlie loses.

The people on Brock's team are being idiots. That's where the weak link in Brock's "coaching" is.
This. Honestly I don't even think Lesnar is the worst coach this season. The guy was the UFC champion and yet his team seems to be looking down there nose at him. Think about it some no name fighter from some ho-bunk town is ignoring the advice of the former #1 ranked HW in the world. Its absurd but its also reality. Lesnar pushes his team extremely hard. The big difference is that Lesnar see's this guys as UFC fighters and expects them to train at the level he does with that level of dedication. JDS see's his fighters as kids and wants to baby or mentor them rather than have them train as equals. I think JDS may mesh better with his team but I have no doubt that if this show spanned 6 or 8 months of filming that team Lesnar would show a much larger improvement. Shit those clowns didn't even seem grateful for Lesnar bringing in Matt Hughes. BJ Penn brings in Matt Hughes to train with and shows a substantial improvement and these guys who haven't accomplished shit act like he has nothing for them.

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