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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
Actually his people not listening to him is a big part of why they are losing. They don't respect him because he was a pro wrestler and they think they know better.
Your wrong the last fighter did exactly what Brock said to do and it cost him a lot of the fight, should he have just gave up? No but Brock's cornering is chicken shit not chicken salad.

I dont see them refuse to hear what brock has to say, you see one clip of a fighter not doing what he was told for what five seconds and now the entire team is snubbing him? Nah.

I just think Brock is too much of a student in every aspect other than wrestling to teach fighters those aspects, thats what (on the show) assistant coaches are for. My only real gripe is how horrible he corners and in these fights a good corner can win you the fight.
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