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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
He said they hadn't accomplished shit and well its true. Lesnar may only have 5 fights but they like a lot of people need to realize that his fame allowed him to instantly begin training full time at the highest level. Most fighters need to obtain a certain level of success near the highest level before they even begin training at that level. Lesnar's first year of training was likely the equivalent of the first 4 of most fighters. Lesnar has a lot he can teach these guys. They are being taken down constantly and yet are refusing to listen to a NCAA champ. Wrestlers of a lower caliber have been being brought in to learn wrestling by elite fighters like BJ Penn (Kos) and Rich Franklin (Hammill) and yet these guys are to big in there britches to listen to Brock. Don't get me wrong Brock made the mistake of trying to see who was the most dedicated when picking teams instead of who was the best fighter. He ignored the fact he did not have time to fix all there short comings. Unfortunately there lack of respect for him has basically made him unable to even begin to scratch the surface. Say what you want about Lesnar but how do you explain there disrespect for Hughes? The guy is a legend and one of the top 2 WW's of all time and these WW's are not even excited about the prospect of getting to work with him.
Maybe they do realise that and don't respect him for that reason, maybe the idea of him been given his opportunities to him on a golden plate because of his fame while others would have to work there ass off may achieve better records and still may never be given the chances he was given.

I know that's why I never respected him as a champion, and right now he is coaching on TUF because of that fame still, so maybe thats why they don't respect him as coach, and no matter how good a coach he may be if he does not have the respect of his team then he is the wrong man to be coaching them, as for turning it back on his team as been just assholes and impossible to work with, maybe that would not be the case under a different coach who therefore as a result be a better coach, in football any team would not tolerate a manager who for what ever reason could not get the respect of his team and was suffering losses as a result no matter how good a coach he was.

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