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Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
Thats not what I saw, Brock told him to stay on the cage the entire fight, He did what brock told him to do and thats not saying a lot because most of the time Brock was saying HIT HIM, Like I said my seven year old is a better corner and Im not exaggerating. I have the fight on my pc and have watched it a few times as well so..

He never gave him any help in the cage, he didnt tell him HOW to get the TD or how to get off the cage and he encouraged him to stay in the clinch. I DID hear him say one and only one useful instruction and I dont remember it word for word but he was telling his fighter to improve his Whizzer but other than that I was not impressed, thats not the same as saying he's a horrible coach period.
In the first 2 minutes of round 1 Brock told him to get off the cage 2 times, stay inside 4 times, and to put ramsey against the cage 2 times. The first time he told him to get away was instantly followed by telling him to work inside which was a bit confusing. However the other times he told Charlie to do other things he didn't do anything.
Then the next two minutes he said to get busy, hit him, get out of there (followed by some encouragment), and to get up when Charlie got taken down.
Then in the last minute Brock told Charlie to get off the fence and then to put Ramsey against the fence, hit him, guillotine, and again Charlie did nothing. Second round you could tell Brock was already upset and only said to hit him twice.

So Brock's conering isn't all that great (lacking details on how to get off the cage like you said) but he didn't tell him to stay in the clinch the whole fight and Charlie never really tried to do anything except for the one time he pushed back for about a second.

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