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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
It's really strange^^

I don't even know how I should even come close to soemthing like a gun. I probably haven't seen more then 4 or 5 in my entire life.

I truly believe that's one of the by far biggest mistakes in American society.

I would be scared to death to walk outside, if I knew that people in my village are allowed to wear a gun at home.
Its actually something built into our culture.

Look at it this way. Before the United States was even the United States it was a British colony of people who hunted for food, every day. Not to mention stole a hefty chunk of land from some very trusting, and later very angry, native peoples. The people who eventually became Americans spent every day of their lives being told as children, this is a gun, if an animal or an "Indian" attacks you, this is what you use to defend yourself. For 300 years every person in American has been told by their family, or the news, or the media, guns are the only thing between you and certain death, every day. Its just an accepted thing in America people have guns, and will probably use them.

On top of that. In the entire 200+ years of American history, we've never gone 50 years without some kind of war. Our society's innate affection for guns is likely a major part of that.

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