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Videos a bit old but then and more so now a days I would be surprised if he could handle fighting. He doesn't even do pro wrestling matches to often anymore, but when he does he goes all out (did a backflip off a ~15ft cage at their last ppv).

But if we play the what if game I bet he could of been great if
1. He had got into MMA right after the Olympics.
2. He didn't have neck problems.

He said hes 245lb in that interview but thats probably his billed weight or his out of shape weight. He won the gold in the 198-220lb division and I recall him saying he was 211 lbs when he was on Pros vs Joes. So he could of been in the sub 200lbs division way back in the day or a LHW (possibly MW) when they brought in more classes (don't know when they did that) and if he got some decent skills to go with his wrestling he might of did really good ~10 years ago.

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