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Originally Posted by Brydon View Post
There is no way they are giving Lesnar $3 out of every PPV buy, that number is enormous. $1 maybe but even that is a hell of a lot.
Originally Posted by Spec0688 View Post
$1 is ridiculous....

it works like this

$1 for 1-450,000 PPV numbers
$2 for 450-650
$3 for 650+

Those numbers can be a bit different but thats how PPV contracts work, they can vary depending on the fighters but the highest drawing fighters get something similar.

Randy Couture had the exact same PPV contract at one point. This information was released when Randy and the UFC were having the legal troubles.
Assuming Brock gets a piece of the PPV pie (and it's inconceivable that he doesn't considering he claimed to spend six figures on each of his training camps) it's a lot more than $1 a PPV buy.

Spec is right that it is (or at least was, since we've only been able to look at the numbers once) a sliding scale.

If they still use the PPV bonus scale Randy had when he left last time, it looks like this:

100,000 175,000 buys $1 per buy
175,000 300,000 buys $1.50 per buy
300,000 330,000 buys $2 per buy
330,000 plus buys $3 per buy
I'm not sure if the people at ESPN who compiled this list used the exact scale. When I put in Metzler's estimates of the PPV buyrate for each of Lesnar's two fights, I got a total of $5,295,000. Though that would ignore his $400k base pay for each fight.

They could also have a newer PPV scale, but it seems odd that the numbers from the old PPV bonus scale are almost exactly their $5.3M figure.

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