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Hnederson has got to be one of the most successful unskilled fighters out there. His wrestling is good but he doesn't seem to be able to use it as well as other top wrestlers, his top game is mediocre at best, his striking is bad and he's not much good off his back.

He's got to where he is through a wrestling base, being able to throw sloppy punches very hard and having a head that can be punched without being effected much.

There's really not much skill involved, he's just a really really tough guy with strength, power and a really hard head.

He's far too small for Jones. Dan can only put fighters on the mat when he gets in close and can get greco roman on them, but how's he going to do tha against stretch? And even if he does, Jones' wrestling is greco roman influenced anyway, and it's in the clinch that he's most dangerous. He throws and trips guys in such an unorthadox way, Hendo would have no answer for that. Hammill is a brute of a wrestler, but strength and wrestling goes out the window when a guy as big as Jones wraps those long arms around your neck and swipes your feet from under you.

Rashad has more of a chnce than Hendo, because he has a good shot which he can set up well.

Don't be surprised if Rashad does well against Jones, because we haven't seen someone with that sort of explosive shot face him, then we'll see what Jones is made of. Machida could also be a test because he'd be much harder to hit than Shogun was.
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