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I got to be honest, I would not make any fighter in the UFC or SF a favorite to beat Jones, in fact its possible that he could have both the best ground game and stand up in LHW MMA, only weakness I have seen in him over the last couple of years is a tenancy to leave himself a little open to submission attempts on the ground and I have thought sometimes that a better BJJ fighter could of took advantage of some situations, but even that is something that he is improving and I was especially impressed in the Bader fight when he did a great job of keeping much better posture and looked a lot more controlled and safer than he usually does on the ground, every other time before that I thought he was a little to over aggressive to the point he was giving up safety first for stronger offence.

But No I don't think Hendo would beat Jones or anyone else but I would stylistically give Roger Gracie the best chance in MMA simply because he maybe the only fighter to have at least one edge on him in the ground game if he can get him there, as for stand up, I think despite all the hype been on his wrestling background, I think his stand up is the best in the LHW division.

One fight I would really love to see however is Fedor vs Jones, I don't care if it was at a catch weight of say 220 or at LHW assuming Fedor can make the cut which really he should be able to do, considering Jones size as a LHW a fight with Fedor at a catch weight of 220lb could be the super fight of the century, a true test of old school vs new, especially since if there was a in between division from LHW to HW you would think that both Fedor and Jones would belong in it.

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