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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
In other news, England has declared war on Germany.
Originally Posted by Brydon View Post
In other news George W. Bush has just been re-elected and will serve as president for another term. Tito Ortiz has just lost to Frank Shamrock vis strikes. In Rome, aquaducts have been invented causing a leap forward in farming technology. Man make fire, fire good, fire burn.
Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
BREAKING NEWS: Pontius Pilate has sentenced Rabbi Yeshua to death by crucifixion.
wow, you guys are truly hilarious, and original. I mean I posted a link to an old story (that i personaly have not read before, Stupid me...) , and you guys bring up other old events because they are both old! HAHAHAA WOW, It truly takes some creative genius to link those together, Bravo!! Look at the egg on my face now! boy do I feel silly, for being so uninformed about every fighter ever. Shame on me for attempting to talk about an aged event, when I should have clearly seen this forum is for BREAKING MMA NEWS ONLY!

i do so humbly apologize for wasting you precious internetz bandwidth, you will forgive me wont you? Because your validation is all my little heart is after. Friendz?

Originally Posted by hixxy View Post
Free drink i guess?
Heh, I know fighting is a tough living but damn I didn't think they had to pinch penny's that tight!
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