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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
I don't mind Anderson that much, but I do wonder why he goes out of his way to conjure up 'beef' with certain fighters. Maia keeps tight lipped, and Anderson feels the need to humiliate him because he was somehow 'disrespectful'. Vitor shows him proper respect, to the point where he was adamant about fighting more contenders before stepping into the Octagon with such a unique champion, and Anderson decides there's bad blood between the two. Now, he's doing the same with Okami, who by all accounts has had nothing more to say of Anderson outside of his wanting a crack at the title. And yet I'm reading interviews now where Silva claims that Yushin has been disrespectful and boasts about his victory over the champ, that he should have continued to fight in their initial bout and therefore has no honour, and even that he was KOed anyway and is hence a 'victory' for Anderson. I really don't get why he goes so far out of his way to get person with people who genuinely don't seem to warrant it.

Even more mind boggling is he had NOTHING to say to or against Chael Sonnen, someone who legitimately gave him reason to make it personal. Anderson is crazy.
Thats very easy to explain actually! He only does that to fighters who he thinks won't engange in the fights which Silva needs in order to shine and fight his fight.

Everybody he didn't talk trash back like Leben, or Sonnen.. he knew that they would bring the fight to him, but with Maia and Belfort that wasn't the case.

and his whole fighting career shows this evidence in every pre-fight situation.
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