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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
I like you, BC, but that's a fairly poor and unsubstantiated 'explanation'. I think it has more to do with his being a jerk than anything else. I highly doubt Anderson believed Vitor wouldn't come to trade with him, and if that was his modus operandi all along, then why no smack-talk against Leites pre-fight? Again, I think the explanation lies more in who he is as a human begin. While I respect Anderson Silva the fighter as much as one possibly could, as a man, Silva is a bit of a knob. And there's plenty of proof out there to substantiate that.
I know Psycho, thats what is the easiest and what the haters always say.

If you want to believe me, you have to do your own research Psycho. I did it in all details and it became clear as day to me.

Anderson is a counter striker Psycho always remember that.

Just study his history and you will realize it.

He did mock Leites prefight!
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