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Yes, this is annoyingly similar to the whole 'Machida era' deal. Jon Jones is not, I repeat, NOT unbeatable. Yes, he has looked nothing short of outstanding. But he is in with the big boys now. I am aware that I am a little biased here but I can honestly say that with the right game plan and gas tank, Rashad has a chance to beat Jon Jones. He has a real chance here to end this nonesense once and for all. Of course it won't be easy, but you have a fighter, despite the siginificant reach/size disadvantage, has already potentially exploited a hole in JBJ game.

"You remember what I can do to you!" tweets Rashad. He knows Jon Bones probably better than Jones knows himself. All Jones has done is suggest how he could have "finished" Rashad. Notice how he talks about how he COULD'VE whereas Rashad talks about what he actually did DO. It's easy to say 'oh well I could have knocked him out but i was feeling generous'. Rampage could have knocked out Machida, and Penn could have sub Edgar. But they didn't get to that.

Anyways, Rashad has explosive power to match Jones, true or false? He is just as fast, if not faster and may have the better wrestling/grappling which means that Jones will have a harder time dictating where the fight takes place than usual. Rashad does not want to clinch with Jones otherwise he'll have a long night. Rashad needs to fight small to beat Jones. Use speed and get up close and personal to land some hooks then transition to takedowns he does so well and then lay on top of him for the rest of the round if thats what it takes to beat Jones.
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