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Originally Posted by ptw View Post
Honestly, the up kick rule is so stupid, they should do away with it. If you're on your back why shouldn't you be able to kick a guy in the face if his knees down?
Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
This upkick rule really sucks.

You are taking one of the biggest weapons away from the BJJ guys and you benefit the Wrestlers way too much. It's an very unfair rule towards the BJJ grappler.

This rule just shouldn't be there!!!
Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
Yeah that upkick rule is so awful. Probably the worst of the unified rules. The upkick-to-triangle move would really help re-balance the very wrestler bias rules of the cage.
To the three posts above however stupid the rule may seem to you , its way less stupid than actually breaking the rule and then actually thinking you somehow won the fight by using an illegal move.

Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
hahahaha Did he REALLY say that?

I hope not because that is beyond retarded.

Its Anderson so i think that should be enough for you to go on.

I really have no interest in getting revenge against Yushin Okami. We already fought. He lost. He got knocked out. Let's move on. But really, I'm in here to fight the best, and if he's credentialed to fight me, and he's up there to get a title shot, then he deserves it and we've got to do it."
Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
Nobody will be backing Okami that's for sure. He lost to Sonnen and barely beat Marquart and somehow deserves a title shot

If Silva had beaten him soundly in their first fight we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

Bring on Silva vs GSP!
Please dont presume that NOBODY will want Okami to win , look at Alphadawg's signature its quite obvious he would like Okami to win and so would i.

And he actually beat Nate quite convincingly in my eyes and easy points win, he lost to Sonnen 4 fights prior and now is on 3 fight winning streak, is he never allowed to challange for a title because of his loss to Sonnen ?

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