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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
All this time... all these threads... and yopu pick now to agree with Bobby..

Bobby, it's you who is dreaming and it's you being disrespectful.

Thinking that a guy who couldn't even beat a fat slow rampage is going to walk over CAPTAIN AMERICA??

Doesn't seem very smart....

All my disagreements with Coops have been speculations regards Lyotos personality. When it comes to Machida as a fighter, its a different story. His style turns me on.( The dragons that is... not coopers )

Couture was the first UFC superstar. Royce was cool and that... but lets face it, he was boring. Randy burst onto the scene, UFC13, and was smashing fools using fantastic strength, technique and skill. I sat up and thought, "wow... this sport is getting somewhere!"

But that was then. I think Randy is gonna struggle to do anything meaningful to Machida on the ground... if it even gets there... which I doubt.
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