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David Speas def. Russell Hewett Jr. via 1st rd. Submission (Strikes)

The fight started out pretty slow. I took 2 kicks to the thigh and went in for a clinch. He throw several knees to my body until I pressed him against the cage. I was able to drop down for a double leg TD into half guard. I was then able to posture up and deliver some GNP. Then I adjusted to full mount and rained down more shots until he tried to roll out of it. I sank in hooks and went for a RNC until he was on his stomach. I throw more shots until he tapped and the ref stop the fight.

All I can say is Im 19 and I have a long way to go. My biggest weakness is Im timid standing up. Granted he was a MT fighter and common sense told me that taking him done was the best idea. But I know its a mental thing with me and I know that if I start sparring more I will get over my timidity. Im more comfortable on the ground since I did Wrestling and THEN TKD.
So basically Im a wrestler with a kickboxing base so to speak. Im trying to think of a good MMA fighter who has a simple combination of that style so I can see how its really done.
Props to RH jr for the bout. He is a good MT fighter.

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