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Jon Jones injured, Phil Davis to replace him VS. Rashad Evans
FU#^*~*%$%#&$@CKING CRAP!

I was looking forward to Jones sending Rashad to Vera's doctor to repair a broken orbital.

Honestly i don't know how much does for Jones' schedule though.
His fight with Rashad was supposed to take place in September/october annyway. With this injury, i suppose his 1st title defense will take place in November/December maybe...?!

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
in before Limba takes you to school
Rusty is cool. I don't wanna send him to school, unless it's a college campus full of hot girls.

Annyway, i'm gonna root for Davis in this one.
And i have a feeling it's gonna be a wrestling match + 90% of it.

Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
okay, so davis is replacing jones in the title fight? so winner of this fight gets an interim belt.. or is dana ******* rashad in the ass without so much as a courtesy spit?
I f*cking hope NOT! It makes no sense! It's not like Jones is out for 1 year (at least i hope not)!
They were supposed to fight at the end of the year, something that could still happen.

Basically this is a No.1 contender's fight imo.

Originally Posted by demoman993 View Post
If Davis' last fight is any indication of where he stands in the LHW ladder then we're going to see Rashad knock him out.
Because Rashad is such an elite striker, right?! LOL

Nogueira is a much better striker than Rashad and Davis managed to shut him down.

Evans vs Davis will be a wrestling match.



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