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Originally Posted by limba View Post
I would have said this is another typical BJ interview, but i'm glad he cleared it out in the end.
BJ needs motivation - when he's motivated he is great.
When he's not motivated - he is like another fighter.
im a BJ fan... hes my fav fighter in the lw/ww divisions...
but seriously, im really sick of the "motivated/un motivated" nonsense BJ fan boys keep going back on.

when he loses he was "un motivated" so thats why he lost... but when he wins, it was a prime "motivated" BJ, thats why he won. its nonsense and total crap.

he was beaten by fitch and and was very fortunate to get a draw.

the reality is, BJ will get schooled by the top WWs. they are just too big and strong... i would of liked him to stick to LW.
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